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Step back in time ~ experience
life in historic Boone County


One of the earliest homes in Boone County,
the Gordon Cabin was built in 1828 on the
reassembled in Boone Junction in 1998 and
fully furnished with artifacts suitable for a
frontier living in the early1800s.


Relocated to the Village in 2003 and
fully restored, The Easley Store sat at a
fork in the road along the Missouri River, 
and served ]the Southern Boone community
 for more than a century as a general
store, pharmacy and  post office.


Built in the early 1900s by Columbia
realtor Luther McQuitty, this wood-frame,
three-room home sat on the corner of
Garth Street in Columbia 100 years.
Slated for demolition, the house found
a new site in Boone Junction.


Once the home of two of Columbia's finest
families, Maplewood was built in 1877
along the old Ashland Pike Road, made
of brick and timber cut from the farm site,
The home has been restored and serves
as a historic doorway to the past.

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