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New exhibits you won't want to miss!


The Frontier Tool Shed -- Settlers of early Boone County came West from Kentucky and the Carolinas, armed with the right tools for the job of carving a life out of the wilderness. Broadaxes, traps, crosscut saws and a shotgun were all important to the process of settling a family in early Boone County. This is part of a permanent exhibit on display in the Early History Gallery at the museum.


Mourning Dress -- Fever and war were the leading causes of death in 1800s Boone County, and it was common to lose several family members during a bout with typhus or diptheria. Mourning periods were well-defined and this collection examines women's dress from full black crepe through the muted colors of the lengthy "half-mourning" period. On exhibit through June 29, 2009.


Collars, Hats & Sticks -- Clothing for well-dressed man in the early 1900s often included starched white collars, a hat made of heavy wool felt, woven straw or sheared beaver, and even a cane -- a cultural fashion survivor from the days when wealthy or powerful men used a staff as a symbol of power or success. This exhibit will remain on display through August 2009.


World War II -- Boone County went to war along with the all of the United States after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The war changed family life and changed the role of women in society as well. The technology of war also trickled down into the post-war generation bringing dramatic changes in production and manufacturing. Exhibits remain up through November 2009.


"Blind Boone's" Piano -- This concert-grand solid oak, nine-foot piano, made by the Chickering Company in 1890, belonged to John William "Blind Boone." A child of a freed slave who grew up in Boone County, Boone traveled throughout the Midwest performing classical and ragtime music for delighted audiences. The piano is part of a permanent exhibit on Blind Boone at the museum.